What “Fitness” Means to Me

So, you’ve probably been hearing me talk a lot lately about fitness, working out, health issues… yeah…

There’s a reason for that. Working out changed my life. And I’m not even being dramatic.

Two months ago, I was overweight, depressed, and lonely. I worked in the middle of nowhere. Sat on my butt all day. Stared morosely at the computer screen. Maybe ate some canned spaghetti at four in the morning because my days were screwed up…

Yeah, it was bad.

bad days earn best daysBut now, I’m healthy. I’m alive. I’m eating right. I’m working out.

I tell you all this to prove my earlier statement. Working out changed my life. Fitness changed my life. And that’s why I love what I do. Yes, it’s hard. Brutal some days. I limp around the house like an old lady with a hunched back and bad knees.

But the next day, I feel fantastic. I have more energy. I can wake up to my alarm, get up, and get moving. I can stay up late when I have friends over. I’m getting better grades in my Master’s program. I’m sleeping better.

So I’d encourage you to try something. Whatever it is for your level. Just move. Drink water. Eat a little healthier. I can help you do that. Just ask me whatever questions you have. Because I’m telling you, fitness changed my life. And it can help you too.


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