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This page contains information about the characters from the Victoria Novak: Paranormal Division series.

Those you know from Havoc’s Cry.

Connor McCall, the General, is the head of the Federal Paranomal Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He has a long history with the FBI, and a cousin that was a witch, making him the ideal candidate.

Victoria Novak, the Sorceress, and code name Firetop, is the only Sorceress in the USA. She was raised by vampires and trained to hunt renegades. She’s still unsure of the extent of her sorceress abilities. Her name is taboo and therefore cannot be spoken by any paranormal.

Fletcher Ross, code name Arrow, is a sensitive, allowing him to sense the paranormal or magical activity. He is former CIA. He has something of a vendetta against vampires after one murdered his fiancé.

Hayden Petersen, code name Spike, is a telekinetic witch, allowing him to move objects with his mind. He attended Army Basic Training until discharged for being a witch, and then he worked for the Nashville Police Department. His sister is a vampire living in Nashville.

Cole Hooper, code name Dead-Eye, is a clairvoyant, allowing him to see the now and possible future. He is a former snipper for the US Army.

Drake Maddox, code name Winter, is an ice elemental witch, allowing him to create and control ice and snow. He has an extensive martial arts background.

Trey Middleton, code name Havoc, is a 150-year old werewolf. He was an enforcer for his Pack before being exiled 20 years ago. His birth name is August Middleton. He is also Tori’s familiar, binding him to her with blood and magic.

Jason Medlin is a submissive werelion. He connected to Tori after being rescued from the shapeshifting killer. He’s a makeup and costume artist, and loves his job.

Jeffrey is a semi-dominant werewolf that connected to Tori after the case of the shapeshifting killer. He is a performer at Blood Haven.

Phillip is a semi-dominant werewolf that connected to Tori after the case of the shapeshifting killer. He is a bouncer at Blood Haven.

Spencer Yates is a homicide detective for the Atlanta Police Department. His track record with the paranormal runs in the negative, so he has something of a prejudice against them.

Karsten is Atlanta’s Coven Master Vampire.

Keith Dunn is Atlanta’s werewolf pack alpha. He doesn’t have a friendly relationship with Tori due to her friendship with Trey, who used to be part of his pack.

Nick Green is Atlanta’s werelion pride alpha. He has a friendly relationship with Tori.

Those you know from Archangel’s Salvation

Gage Sawyer, code name Maniac, is a fire elemental witch, allowing him to create and control fire. His father was murdered by a werewolf.

Gabriel, code name Archangel, is a 400 year-old vampire with extensive warrior training. He is originally from Spain before coming to the US under Leroy, then moving to Atlanta under Karsten.

Shadow, The Midnight Hunter, is an emotional vampire. He is a trained assassin with reputation to hunt and kill. He trained Tori when she was eighteen.

Those you know from Shadow’s Lament

Shane is a nineteen year old wereleopard connected to Tori during her faceoff with the Council. He’s only been a leopard for a year and has little real power.

Ceno is a vampire on the New York Paranormal Council.

Viktor is a vampire on the New York Paranormal Council.

Aurelie is a vampire on the New York Paranormal Council.

Faolan is a werewolf on the New York Paranormal Council.

Jira is a wererat on the New York Paranormal Council.

Leandor is a werelion on the New York Paranormal Council.

Those you know from Tiger’s Peace



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