FPD Case Files

*In Chronological Order*

August Middleton: August’s Doom

August Middleton just wanted to survive the winter, feed his family, and court his betrothed. And that is precisely what he did, until a fateful hunting trip under the full moon. Now, he is battling for his own mind with the wolf that lives inside him. Everything is crashing apart, but that is just the curse of August’s Doom.

Fletcher Ross: Arrow’s Grief

*unfinished draft*

Fletcher Ross’s life was perfect. Budding career. Good apartment. Wonderful girlfriend, ahem, fiancee. One perfect date, a yes to his proposal, and he’s a happily engaged man. Until the vampire threats to steal everything he’s ever loved. Fletcher doesn’t know if he’s strong enough to overcome Arrow’s Grief.

Connor McCall: General’s Feat

McCall has always had a special fascination with things that shouldn’t exist, which is exactly why he readily volunteers for the first ever paranormal police force, the Federal Paranormal Division. Put in charge of finding a team, he crosses the country to round up a few special individuals that he’s had his eye on for a while. Convincing them to join the force, though, will be the General’s Feat.

Trey Middleton: Familiar’s Rage

*spoiler alert – read after Archangel’s Salvation*

Trey has spent months protecting Tor from her own eagerness. Now, against his better judgement, she went ahead and took a stupid bloodsucking leech as backup instead of him. She proceeded to get herself kidnapped, and he’s stuck inside waiting to rescue her because that same idiot vampire can’t go out in the daylight. If he doesn’t find her soon, everyone is going to feel the wrath of a Familiar’s Rage.