Trolls, Under a Bridge

A Cave Troll attacks Frodo in Lord of the Rings

Perhaps best known from their appearance in the popular Lord of the Rings movies, trolls were originally a Norse legend, or maybe a Scandinavian fairytale. Although the rocky face of this particular cave troll may be the first thing you picture when you hear the word troll (thank you Mr. Tolkien), the troll is actually one of the most widely depicted critters in legend. Seems like everyone’s got an idea of what they look like, and no one can agree. However, what most of the old stories do agree on is that trolls are associated with rocks, caves, and other dark and damp places. Hence the rocky-like appearance in the LOTR version. Weirdly enough, some of the popular old Norse legends about trolls say they are wildly beautiful.

Other common myths include the whole sunlight thing. Like vampires, trolls and sunlight are a huge no-go. Trolls, however, often turn to stone in the sunlight. In some tales, that’s all she wrote for the troll. In other versions, the troll would come back to life with the setting of the sun, so it was only a temporary annoyance.

In other news, trolls are always hungry. Like, worse than a teenage boy kind of hungry, and we all know how much those guys eat. Trolls though will eat anything from livestock to stones, and absolutely love humans. Ever heard of Billy Goat Gruff? Yep, apparently trolls like goats too.

In many stories, trolls aren’t particularly smart. That’s why our dear goat friend Billy could outsmart one, and why Frodo can confuse it by circling a pillar. Although, Dreamworks might be trying to change that with their new movie: Trolls. It’s not the only movie out about trolls recently, as the Netflix original series Trollhunters is actually pretty funny. Seems our cave-and-bridge-dwelling creatures of the night are making their debut on the big screen.


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