Sylph, an air spirit wonder

Air Wonder

A sylph is a nonviolent free spirit also known as an air elemental. Of course, being invisible and made up pretty much of wind, they can cause some pretty big windstorms or tornadoes. Sometimes, they can even talk on the winds, letting the air carry their voices to distant places.

Some legends believe they are a faerie race, while others maintain the elemental status. Either way, they are depicted as being able to fly and living in the clouds. With the faerie and the sidhe legends in their background, sylphs often appear as tall, lithe, beautiful humans with huge feathery wings sprouting from their backs. But they are loners, preferring not to gather with others of their kind.

The name sylph actually comes from the Greek word for ‘butterfly.’

Sylph Stories

Sound like an interesting addition to your latest faerie novel? What would it be like to fly among the clouds? To be ageless for a thousand years? To control the winds? Wouldn’t you love that story.

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