Review: Wolf of Stone by Quinn Loftis

Wolf of Stone is book two of the Gypsy Healers series by Quinn Lofits. The gang is back and still fighting for their healers’ right to live and mate with a ‘fur ball.’

Dalton Black is a wolf with centuries of bitterness coursing through his veins. He’s not exactly ideal mate material for a teenage girl. But he’s the only one Jewel wants, even if she’s unconscious. He’s the man in her dreams, and might be the only one that can bring her out of the darkness.

The two can save each other, if they learn to trust. With Sally and Peri to guide them, maybe. The rest of the healers are sent away for a bit, to keep the dominating werewolf men from overtaking them. But its a hard road.

I loved this book because it lives up to Quinn Loftis’s expertise with the human mind, how to love and fight through the hard times, and quite a bit of humor. The witty banter had me laughing, the heart wrenching tale of two lovers trying to save the world had me crying, and in the end, I can’t wait for book three.

If you like this one, the rest of the series is coming! You can watch the progress on the author’s website. While you’re waiting, go ahead and read the Gray Wolves  series. You won’t regret it and you’ll understand the group dynamics a little better!


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