Review: Wolf-Speaker by Tamora Pierce

Wolf Speaker by Tamora Pierce is book two of the Immortals quartet following Daine as she delves deeper into her vast gift with wild magic.

Called by her old wolf pack, Daine and Numair venture to a secluded area in the realm to answer the call of the wolf who saved Daine’s life. But when they get there, Daine and Numair find that it’s not just the wolf pack that’s in trouble, but the people too. There’s a plot brewing, and only Daine and Numair can stop it, if they’re not too late.

Daine’s a wild character, full of life and love. She’s passionate and daring, yet terrified to find out that her wolf pack is acting a little too human. She learns she can shape shift, and uses that to her advantage in fighting a war she didn’t realize she needed to be a part of.

If you like this one, you can read the rest of the Immortals quartet here. This series follows the Song of the Lioness quartet in the Tortall universe. You can find the author’s website here.


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