Review: Wizard’s Sword by CM Lance

Wizard’s Sword by CM Lance is book two of the Battle Wizard Saga, and is even better than the first one!

Sig is now at Northwestern where he moves in with the Professor, becomes best friends with Rick the werewolf, and meets a tribe of Amazon women who test his battle skills to the limit. He’s still being chased by the Dark Wizard, except now his grandfather Thor is in a coma in the hospital and unable to help. And college is a little harder than he thought.

This installment really dives into the character of Sig. Author CM Lance does an awesome job establishing Sig as a mature young adult, but still a teenage boy. He flirts with girls and goes out with his friends and is possessive of his Jeep. We get to learn more about Rick and his family and why a werewolf is so far from home. We meet some more people who really don’t like Sig, and see how Sig deal with that.

I loved Sig’s way of trying to hide his Battle Wizard form, which is 9 feet tall and 700 pounds. Yet, eventually, he has to trust the Amazon girls and that only opens up more issues! He’s a great fighter in both forms, and the Amazon girls give him a run for his money.

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

If you liked this one, you can find it and book one on the author’s website or through these other venues:


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