Review: Wizard Dawning by CM Lance

I found Wizard’s Dawning through the Rave Reviews book club, and I’m glad I did! This is a modern day magical fiction story staring Sig, a high school senior who finds out he has magic the day zombies attack his home. His grandfather is there to help Sig and his mother deal with the massive changes in how they see the world.

Wizard’s Dawning combines everything we love about wild magical fantasy with modern characters and problems. A high school fling, fencing practice, and mom’s home cooking combine with basilisks, witches, and near death experiences.

Sig is a great character. He’s strong, responsible, and a leader. Yet he’s still a high school boy distracted by a pretty girl and annoyed with his own shortcomings. He has a great relationship with his mother and a lifelong dream of practicing magic. He’s scared of the new things happening to him, but steps up when he needs to. Sig is the next Battle Wizard, and that’s a huge responsibility.

I felt like the author did a great job in bringing life to these characters and making me, the reader, fall in love with them. The writing style is very modern and practical, which brings the magic into the twenty first century.

This is the first book in the series. Go on to read book two, Wizard’s Sword!

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

You can find Wizard’s Dawning through the author’s website or on Amazon or on Smashwords.


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