Review: Will of the Empress by Tamora Pierce

Will of the Empress is the second book in The Circle Reforged series by Tamora Pierce, which brings our favorite four mages back together after years of traveling abroad.

Coming back to Emelan after years of travel, the four young mages can’t move back into Discipline and just pick up where they left off. Too much has changed, and they aren’t allowed to move back into their old home. So, buying a house in the city, they try to mesh their lives back together after so many years apart. Unsuccessfully.

Sandry, though, must visit her royal cousin in Namoran and view her holdings there. Her three foster-siblings go with her, at the request of the Duke, and they squabble like siblings for the whole trip. Except, this isn’t just an easy trip north to view Sandry’s lands and met her people. The Empress does not want her to leave, or her siblings.

Coming together might be the only way to save themselves from bondage and service to the Empire. But are the four willing to open up their minds to each other, like they did as children, and truly become one family again?

Like the sound of this one? Check out the rest of the Circle Reforged series here or on the author’s website. If you’re confused, you can go back and read The Circle of Magic series and The Circle Opens series, which are prequels to this series: The Circle Reforged.


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