Review: Waybrooke by Julia Barkey

So, I recently read this new book by indie author Julia Barkey. This is her first book, and its the first one in the series “Carrie”, who is the main character in the novel. The book is about a group of gifted teenagers as they fight for their freedom against an organization trying to steal their powers and/or kill them. The group of five teens is on the run, and trying to fight back.

First, we’ll start with the greats. There’s some great plot twists in this story. You might think you have the ending figured out, but you don’t. Trust me. There’s a love-triangle-thing going on, plus major issues of loyalty and morality that these teens must face and choose. Each one has unique powers to control and personal issues to face.

The not-go-greats: This is the author’s first book, and you can kind of tell. Doesn’t diminish the great plot line, but does a little with the writing. Get through the first couple chapters, because it does get much better. I also think the character development is somewhat lacking, but I still found myself cheering for Carrie, Will, Scott, Nichole, and Matt anyway.

three stars

I’m still going to watch for book two, and read that once it comes out! If you want to look into this book, you can findĀ Waybrooke on Amazon.


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