Review: Vulcan Legacies 1-3 by Sasha Hibbs

Black Amaranth

Black Amaranth is book one of the Vulcan Legacies covering the beginning of Ally’s journey into a world she never would have believed existed.

Ally just wanted to graduate high school and leave for college with her best friends, twins Dave and Jessica. She didn’t want to come home to find her uncle in a life-or-death battle with a creature that shouldn’t exist and end up running for her life with the twins and Michael into a world of shapeshifters, blood drinkers, gypsies, and seraphs. Oh, and she’s actually a part of that world, her heritage from her dead parents.

That’s when they tell her the prophecy. She’ll face an unknown test. If she fails, the Apocalypse begins. That’s when Ally finds out that love is the most powerful force left in her world, but she doesn’t even know what choice she’ll have to make to save the people she loves.

Black Abaddon

Black Abaddon is book two of the Vulcan Legacies and follows Ally on her continued journey into a dark world of myth and legends and prophecies that seem to only bring pain.

With the death of Michael and the release of Marik from the Devourer, Ally finds out that she might get a second chance to divert the Apocalypse. But it’s not without cost. Already, death and despite spread through her friends and new allies. But she is the angel of Death, and it follows in her wake.

What Ally finds is that death is just a season, and if she believes, its only the beginning. New life waits for her, if she has the strength to chase after it.

Black Atonement

Black Atonement is book three of the Vulcan Legacies and follows Dave and Brandi after their disappearing act.

Of to rescue his sister and get vengeance for Lucy’s death, Dave thinks he’s ready to face down Ragnor, his father and leader of the hell hounds. Brandi knows he’s not, and won’t be fast enough. She also knows one startling truth that changes the way she sees him forever. Dave’s not just another boy. Not to Brandi.

Training to enter the Void brings both Dave and Brandi to their knees and tests ever scrap of determination left in their bodies. But they know that Jessica’s life may be on the line, and neither is going to let her die in hell. Literally.

Vulcan Legacies

If you like the sound of this awesome series, you can find the books on Amazon through the links below. Or, if you want more info, you can check out the author’s website.


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