Review: Violet by Cheree Alsop

Violet by Cheree Alsop is book 4 in the Silver series. This book follows Colleen, Kaynan’s younger sister, who was rescued at the end of book 3 (Crimson). She’s not like Kaynan, and her phases are violent and unpredictable. She’s afraid the rest of her life will be spent alternating between wolf and human multiple times a day while locked in a rehab center for wolves. That is until she risks her life to save “Feral Wolf 4” from his silver-barred cage in the middle of a building fire and they escape into the wild together.

Raf is one of those rare werewolves adopted by a real wolf pack when he was young. He takes Colleen out of the pressure-filled halls of human life and into the forest, where it doesn’t really matter how often she phases. Under his patient guidance, she learns to control her wolf. I love this part, because it’s a side of werewolves not usually seen in books. The wild wolf side is just as vital to who they are as the tamer human side. And his gentle love and patient acceptance goes farther toward her healing than all the white-washed therapy in the world.

Until he is attacked by a cougar and in risk of his life. She calls Kaynan for assistance and must re-enter human life. Things get complicated, because her past is has come calling. She and Kaynan must face the demons of their transformation and conquer them, or be hunted for the rest of their lives.

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

If you liked this one, the rest of the series can be found here. Or the author’s website.


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