Review: Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce

Trickster’s Choice is book one of the Daughter of the Lioness series, and is probably my favorite Tortall series.

Aly is the daughter of Alanna the Lioness and George, the king’s Spymaster. She’s inventive, rebellious, and stubborn. Not following her mother into knighthood, Aly has reached sixteen with no clear direction for herself. But she does love helping her father with the spy stuff.

When Aly is captured by a slaving ship and sold in the Copper Islands, she’s plotting her escape. But she soon finds out that this was no accident, and the Trickster god of the Copper Isles has a plan for her. If she can make friends and prove her worth.

Using all her spy knowledge plus some of her mother’s fighting skills, Aly hides among the slaves of an exiled royal family until she can win her bet with the Trickster god and go home. But she’s got to keep the family safe, which is easier said than done.

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