Review: Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is the sequel to Raised by Wolves (see my review) and follows Bryn, Chase, Devon, and Lake into their new pack with Bryn as their chosen alpha. As a human in a werewolf world, she faces a unique set of challenges. When a young shifter shows up, broken, on her front porch, she has to deal with the politics of rival packs. His alpha has set in motion a devious plot to undermine her pack, and steal her female wolves.

I liked this novel because it had so many layers. Nothing was ever quite what it seemed, and Bryn was so far out of her depth in political maneuvering. But she perseveres, trying her hardest to protect her wolves. Devon, Chase, and Lake are so devoted to her and to their pack, and they stick by her through everything. Author Jen Barnes does a terrific job with keeping each of her characters vivid and witty.

I have to say, though, I love the dynamic between Chase and Bryn. Bryn puts pack above everything, even her own health or life. For Chase, though, Bryn is his world. Pack in the abstract meanings nothing to him, only her. His intensity and clarity of sight help her in more ways than one.

You can get this book on Amazon for eReaders. Or you can check out the author’s website here. If you liked this one, check out:


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