Review: Threads by Tom Tinney

Threads is book one of the Fabric of the Universe series by Tom Tinney. A sci-fi novel set several hundred years into the future, inter space travel is possible.

The USS Marshal Service polices the galaxy with the help of their highly trained marshals. ISTEC holds the super-secret technology that allows the inner space jumps that make travel possible. These two organizations are put to the test over the course of the book, and we meet several fascinating characters from each.

I had a hard time getting into Threads at first, because I got lost in the Techno-Babble (and I’m an engineer, so that’s saying something). But I kept going and found that the book was absolutely worth it! The plot line drags you in, tying together several seemingly unrelated subplots into one massive climax. We discover how the Marshal service is so effective over long distances and how ISTEC powers its space travel.

But the characters I will never forget are Matt and Mark Williams, two USS Marshals on a course to save the world. Quite literally. Using their special bond and their high level of training, the Williams brothers are set to make Marshal history. If they can survive, that is.

You can find Threads on Amazon or on Smashwords or you can follow with the author on his website.


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