Review: Thief Prince

Thief Prince by Cheree Alsop is a YA fantasy novel about a young princess who’s been kidnapped. But not with malicious intent. She and the other young royals are taken to Antor for the winter. The young Prince of Antor wants them to know what their countries have done to his, since his people will soon have no home.

But Kit finds that the kidnapping is perhaps the best thing to happen to her lately, because she comes into her own and learns about herself and about ruling a country.

This is something of a love story and something of an adventure. Kit is different from the other royals, and that soon becomes her greatest strength. She is kind hearted and willing to learn and to get dirty when she needs to. She becomes the cornerstone that the other young royals use to keep themselves sane over the long winter.

As a story of epic fantasy and love-against-all-odds, Thief Prince will steal your heart and blow you away.

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

You can find this book on the author’s website, on Amazon, or on Smashwords.


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