Review: The Innocent: A Myth by Candice Raquel Lee

The Innocent: A Myth is a YA romance with sweeping love at first sight, obsessive incubi, and an underlying True Love Conquers All mentality. I must admit, when I started the book, I was afraid it would fall into so many cliche romances and it didn’t hold my interest. That lasted for less than two chapters, and then I was hooked.

The love interests, Alexa & Cristien, come from opposite worlds. She’s a book-geek in college trying for her business degree. He’s an ancient incubi that turned off his emotions centuries ago. Their instant attraction might have to do with the Compulsion, but their continued interest may have more to do with Cristien quoting Alexa’s favorite love poems from memory and Alexa’s vibrant personality bringing life back to Cristien’s stagnant existence.

But of course, it couldn’t be that easy or it would fall into the cliche category. So throw in some jealousy, maybe a demigod or two, and some life-or-death situations which don’t always come out how we want them, and this story transcends most of the normal cliches. However, it’s the internal struggles from the characters that make them more real. Alexa finds Cristien too good to be true, and (under normal situations) she’d be right. Cristien feels like his past makes him unworthy to be Alexa’s protector, and he’s kind of right too. But love is greater than that, and in the end, love really does conquer all. So if you want a happily ever after story, this one just might be for your.

four stars

If the book sounds interesting, you can find The Innocent: A Myth on Amazon. You can check out the author’s website if you want more information.


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