Review: The Deadliners by Rachel Medhurst

The Deadliners by Rachel Medhurst is an interesting twist on a Wraith story. The Deadliners are the guides for recently dead souls to get them to the other side. This group of five Deadliners are about to face a confrontation like none they have ever experienced, and it comes to them in the form of their own desires.

This book is very well written and really lets you into the head of the characters. You can feel the history between Anna and Danny, feel the love between Anna and Charlie, get a sense of Milly’s complete goodness, and follow a crazy Reese.

I loved the twist on the idea of a wraith guiding souls to the other side. I liked how the ending wasn’t at all how I thought it would turn out, and how the characters really had to come together to win the day. This is a redemption story, and one of true friendship.

You can findĀ The Deadliners on Amazon. Or go to Rachel Medhurst’s website.


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