Review: Taken by Storm by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Taken by Storm by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is book three of the Raised by Wolves series. Bryn has let Maddie, one of her teenage female werewolves, go off on her own. But when she learns of a Rouge wolf, probably female, killing indiscriminately, she fears the worst has happened to her friend. Taking Chase and Lake, Bryn rushes to the rescue, trying to keep her friend from the slimy, abusive clutches of another evil alpha.

This third installment, even more than the rest, tugs at your very heartstrings. As Bryn discovers who is really killing so viciously and realizes how to save Maddie, she is faced with a choice she cannot make. It’s out of her hands, but the consequences are soul destroying. Author Jen Barnes does a fantastic job of giving just the right amount of details that really tie you up in emotional knots.

You can get this book on Amazon for eReaders. Or you can check out the author’s website here.

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