Review: Street Magic by Tamora Pierce

Street Magic is book two of The Circle Opens series by Tamora Pierce and follows Briar’s traveling adventures.

Briar and Rosethorn have traveled to the north, doing work as plant mages. As a former street rat, Briar makes friends with the local gang and finds a young girl polishing rocks with magic. As a street kid herself, Evvy runs from Briar’s polite advances. But she soon finds out that she needs his help, and all the gangs in the city are now after her and her new magical ability.

Briar, wise in the ways of the streets, won’t let them have the new student he’s taken under his wing. Even when it means getting involved in gang politics, Briar defends her and teaches her magic. And when Evvy is taken from him, no one in the whole city is safe from his wrath and that of the plants that love him.

Like the sound of this one? Check out the rest of the Circle Opens series here or on the author’s website.


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