Review: Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

Storm is the first in the Elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer, and follows Chris and Becca’s adventures.

Becca saved Chris’s life that night, and inherited a mess. Chris is hiding something, but she doesn’t really know why. His brothers are annoying, and sometimes he is too. But she thinks he might be more…

…And then she finds out the secret. They’re Elementals. They have power over water, fire, earth, and air. Chris, the water elemental of the family, has only ever had Becca’s best interest at heart. But he’s a teenager and sometimes that all comes out wrong.

Especially with people trying to kill them. And now Becca’s in the middle of the whole mess.

If you like it, try¬†Storm on Amazon. There’s more to the series after this one. You can also check out author Brigid Kemmerer’s website.


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