Review: Stolen by Cheree Alsop

Stolen by Cheree Alsop is about young love caught in the middle of a supernatural turf war. The shapeshifters were a failed experiment, thrown out and discarded. Splicing genes of humans with animals left the children too self aware, too independent. The Falconans are the new, better version. And it’s their job to wipe out the remaining shifters. Marek is a wolf shifter, injured in the fight, finding shelter in a veterinary clinic. Kyla is a sweet, human girl, startled by the request for help from a bleeding boy on the floor of her father’s animal hospital.

Although not your traditional ‘werewolf’ story, Stolen brings everything we love about shapeshifter stories. And not all the shifters are wolves, as some are birds or cat breeds. Kyla finds Marek too courageous to resist, and Marek finds Kyla’s ordinary life a lure he can’t decline. As the Falconans come for them and secrets are revealed, they are caught in a fight they’re not sure they want to win.

I admire Marek in this book, as he’s taken on a leadership role and something of a big brother role to the other shifters in his pack. He’s determined to keep them safe, at any cost. But he’s still human enough to miss his family, and ache for the love he sees in Kyla’s. Kyla is terrified, but she steps up to the plate and shows herself willing to do whatever it takes to help Maret and the little family he’s introduced her to.

If you like the sound of this one, check it out via Amazon or Smashwords. You can check out more of Cheree Alsop’s books on her website or my Those Who Inspire page, or you might start with the Silver series.


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