Review: Sorrel Snowbound by Peter Vialls

Sorrel Snowbound is the sequel to Sorrel in Scarlet by Peter Vialls, and follows Sorrel, Wrack, and their continued adventures in the Chasm.

If you haven’t read book one, don’t read on. Possible Book One Spoilers Ahead.

Wrack, in another battle for humankind, has been captured by the lloruk. They’ve got some kind of magic that can force his transformation and stop him reaching for his magic. Sorrel sees his capture, and determines she’ll do whatever it takes to get him back unharmed. Whatever it takes may just mean a trip to the surface for an airplane, and the horrible truth that she’s now a wanted fugitive and branded as a traitor to humankind. Not what she was going for.

Sorrel has to face some harsh realities in this book that maybe there is no perfect solution in war. She’s questioning everything she thought she knew about the surface and about the Chasm. But she knows she has to rescue Wrack, and that drives all her focus.

I loved the characters in this book, and how Sorrel’s complete and utter conviction is tested to its limits. She’s a strong character, but even those have their breaking points. Written from Sorrel’s point of view, the book is also well written and fast paced.

You can find Sorrel Snowbound on Amazon or through the author’s website. Or go back and read about Sorrel in Scarlet in preparation for the release of book 3!


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