Review: Sorrel in Scarlet by Peter Vialls

Sorrel in Scarlet by Peter Vialls is book one about Sorrel and Wrack. She’s a sorcerer and a pilot. He’s a shapeshifting dragon. They’re from the surface. But they’ve been trapped in the Chasm, and it’s a whole different world down here.

Where they’re from, Wrack is a dragon lord, and humans like Sorrel are slaves. Down below, the lloruk are trying to take over the human populations and make them into slaves. Sorrel isn’t about to let that happen, since she knows all too well what slavery can be like. Wrack, though, is a problem, as he wants to spirit her back to the surface and their old life.

Full of war, bravery, and reconciliation, Sorrel in Scarlet is the kind of tale you don’t soon forget. I enjoyed the fast paced writing style and unique characters. They’re not all perfect heroes, even when they try to do the right thing. And some of them are doing good for bad reasons. They make for very real characters that grow and change as the book progresses.

There’s a book two, called Sorrel Snowbound. You can find Sorrel in Scarlet on Amazon or through the author’s website.


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