Review: Silver by Cheree Alsop

Silver by Cheree Alsop is book one in the Silver series about a group of young werewolves. Jaze Carso is a recently fatherless teen werewolf alpha moving to a new city for a new start. What he didn’t know was that there was already a pack established here, and Hunters next door.

When he saves the life of his new friend, Brock, and reveals his werewolf side, he’s thrown into a territory dispute with the other pack, made up of scared teens. Jaze finds out that someone’s killing werewolves, and he’s determined to stop it. But he may not have it in him to go to the lengths to become strong enough to save what he loves.

Jaze is a strong character with a unique mental voice. He’s passionate, loyal, and brave. Brock, the geeky and silly sidekick, takes the werewolf thing in stride and becomes part of Jaze’s invaluable team. I particularly enjoyed the dynamic between Jaze, a werewolf, falling for a Nikki, a Hunter’s daughter. This Romeo & Juliet story actually has a happy ending, but it’s a rough ride for a while.

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

If you liked this one, the rest of the series can be found here. Or the author’s website.


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