Review: Silver Moon by Cheree Alsop

Silver Moon by Cheree Alsop is book 7 in the Silver series, and it’s conclusion. In this book, we return to Jaze’s point of view as he deals with the big reveal of werewolves to the human world. This book is probably the most emotional and heart wrenching of all the novels so far, and really tests the bonds of friendship formed between Jaze, Jet, Kaynan, Vance, Dray, Brock, and Mouse, as well as the others.

Jaze has to make some of the hardest choices of his young life, and there are no good options. I have to admit, I did cry at several points in this book. After six other books getting to know Jaze, Jet, and the rest, I felt like a part of their werewolf rescue organization. And in this book, all that is put through the wringer. Author Cheree Alsop does a fantastic job with the mental torment Jaze is going through.

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, because Silver Moon is worth reading. Twice. But I do want to make you intrigued, so I’ll tell you this is the big werewolf reveal. Jaze has more family waiting in the wings. There is death. There is also a shiny ring. All of that combined make this the best book in the series, in my opinion, and a must read.

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

If you liked this one, the rest of the series can be found here. Or the author’s website.


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