Review: Shatterglass by Tamora Pierce

Shatterglass is the fourth book in The Circle Opens series by Tamora Pierce and follows Tris and Niko on their travels.

Tris loves glassblowing. So, exploring the local glassblowers in a city famous for them, she stumbles on an ambient glass mage. Not knowing he’s a mage, he’s just created a living glass dragon and is terrified. Now Tris has to figure out this poor man and how to teach him to combine glassmaking and magic without any more accidents. Of course, he’s terrified of lightning, and she’s a weather mage. So it might be a little more difficult than it seems.

Plus, there’s a killer on the loose in the city. Keth, the student, can blow fortune telling glass balls filled with lightning that reveal where the next victim will be laid. Determined to help catch a killer, Keth and Tris must figure out these glass globes and how they can help with the killer. Meanwhile, Tris is working on a scrying technique of her own that might help as well.

Like the sound of this one? Check out the rest of the Circle Opens series here or on the author’s website. If you’re still following our four mages, and I hope you are, you can go on to the next series: The Circle Reforged.


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