Review: Shadows by Cheree Alsop

Shadows is the first book set in the World of Shadows by Cheree Alsop and tells the story of Nexa, a Duskie caught between the day and the night.

The Luminos rule the day and the Nathos the night. Between the two races, they are only ever weak at dusk and dawn. At those times, the Duskies, the halfbreed children of a Luminos and a Nathos, are the only ones awake. The Duskies are less, half-breeds, and almost slaves.

Or that is what Nexa is taught. Chosen by Axon as the protector of his squad of Luminos during their sleeping hours, she must do her best to keep safe the only people who have ever trusted her. Risking her life for them, they finally realized that maybe Duskies aren’t so inferior after all.

Back in their city of Lumini, the people are under attack. And Nexa might be able to swing the tide of battle, if she can get the Luminos to trust her enough to arm the Duskies and change history.

Nexa is a compelling character of bravery under duress and a true leader worth following because she believes in her people more even than they do. She is passionate about the Duskies and their ability to protect her friends among the Luminos and the Nathos. And I love a good kick-butt heroine.

If you like the sound of this story, there’s a sequel. You can check out this and other books by Author Cheree Alsop via her website.


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