Review: Seeking the Storyteller by Walsh & Lawrence

I was recently given to review a very interesting fantasy novel by authors Jessica Walsh and Briana Lawrence, which I will highly recommend!

The story is about a pair of demon hunters who get mixed up with a group of demons they’re actually trying to protect instead of kill. Each of these two hunters has their own background and story, which are dribbled throughout the book as a way to explain their radically different personalities.

The dynamic between Alix and Fagan, the two hunters, is dynamic and strong. They take into their care four demons, each a different type, as a way to unravel the mysterious death of their fellow hunter friend.

My favorite part of this book is the unique blending of several very strong, very different personality types. Each hunter and demon is different. One is bouncy and outgoing. One is bitterly angry. One is rebellious and scared. And their actions are driven by that unique personality.

This story takes part half in our own, very modern world, half in the world of demons. The blending is well done and relevant. However, if you start to get confused with the demon names, persevere! It’s relevant and they’re easier than you think.

If you’re interested, you can find Seeking the Storyteller on Amazon. Or, you can check out the authors’ websites: Jessica Walsh or Briana Lawrence.


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