Review: Recurve by Shannon Mayer

Recurve is book one in a brand new series by Shannon Mayer: The Elemental Series. Larkspur is the bastard princess of the earth elementals, and life’s about to get even rougher.

Lark, as a halfbreed child, doesn’t have any powers, or none to speak of. Her father practically disowned her out to the fields, the lowest job in the elemental heirarchy. It can’t get worse. So she thinks.

But Lark isn’t as weak as she thinks, and when she discovers a plot to kill her father, the king… his life is in her hands. Quite literally. Not to mention the entire earth elemental population. Her only ally? The guy that hates her guts.

True to Shannon Mayer form, this book is fast-paced, emotionally intense, and at times heart stopping. I had trouble putting it down! Lark isn’t the kind of girl you can shove around, especially when she decides to learn to fight and she’ll keep going until she’s met her goal. She’s trusting enough to get herself into some trouble, powerful enough to be a force to be reckoned with, and smart enough to be dangerous. All-in-all, just the kind of awesome heroine we love to love.

I was provided this ARC copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

If you like this one, you can check out the author’s websites or find Recurve onĀ Amazon, B&N, or iTunes.


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