Review: Reborn by SL Stacy

Reborn is the first by author SL Stacy, and awesomely not the last! The book centers around Siobhan Elliot, a junior in college with a secret. She has wings.

Yes, you heard that right. But the real story is how she got them, and why. And that has to do with Jasper Hart, the mysterious man from her dreams who just happens to be her TA and is telling her all kinds of secrets about Siobhan herself.

This book does an awesome job of swirling in Greek mythology (which is a closet interest of mine) and making it modern through college like and sororities and girl drama. The writing is tight, and the suspense is killer! Jasper is the hero we all love to hate and hate to love, all mixed in together. And Siobhan can’t see the bigger picture, but she does what she thinks is right. Even when it ends up screwing her over in the end.

But this is more than a love story. It’s a redemption story, a friendship story, and a coming of age story all spliced together. Siobhan has the chance to redeem past mistakes and fix an old friendship, realizing that there’s more going on than she thought. But she’s got to work at it, and that’s not always easy.

I’m so ready for book two, which releases in Fall 2014, according to author SL Stacy. I’m so glad I won, and read, this book, and it will probably go on my ReRead stack.

If you like the sound of this one, you can find Reborn on Amazon or through the author’s website.


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