Review: Rapture by Quinn Loftis

Rapture by Quinn Loftis is the sequel to Elfin, and continues on in the world of Cassie and Trik. This book focuses a lot more on Elora, and how she finds her own other half. The fight against the Dark Elf king isn’t an easy one, and both Cassie and Elora find themselves smack in the middle of it. The bars are overflowing with the drug Rapture, and the humans are taking it even worse than expected. To top it all off, there’s a new bad guy joining the frey.

Author Quinn Loftis loves those soul deep connections for her mates, and I have to say she does it beautifully. Elora is actually one of my favorite characters so far in this series as she’s quick on her feet, witty, and stubborn as all get out. She must embrace her dark side, even with a light elf mate, and truly become all she can be if she’s going to help Cassie and Trik win this war. This revelation of Elora’s dark elf father and her own inner struggles to ‘be good’ was what made her a stand-out character in my mind.

You can find Rapture on Amazon!

As a second installment goes, this one is great!  Can’t wait for book three. If you’re as anxious as I am, you can check out Quinn Lofis’s website here. Rapture is book 2 in the Elfin series, and you can check out Elfin, Book 1, via my review, or just get it straight from Amazon.


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