Review: Range of Mercy by CC Marks

Range of Mercy is a short story in the Mercy series, and is from Thomas’s point of view. So, if you haven’t read Edge of Mercy, go back and do that first. Then read on.

Okay, so this happens at the same time as the old woman’s appearance at the compound, when Charlie rushes to Thomas in desperation and finds out that Thomas has known her secret the entire time.

Although this short story doesn’t add a lot of new story, it does give us deeper insight into Thomas and his decision to pursue a Council position even though he hates Jonas and everything the head Councilman stands for.

Five Star Rating by Loren Weaver

Go ahead and get the book for free on Amazon. Then check out the author’s website. Don’t forget to go back for Edge of Mercy (the book) or Mercy (another short story).


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