Review: Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis

Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis is the first book in the Gray Wolves Series, which is awesome from start to finish (and has even been nominated for some really cool awards). The book starts out introducing three witty, high energy friends: Jacque, Jen, and Sally that become the heart of the series. Jacque is the brains, Jen the innuendo, and Sally the sweetness.

Across the street, a seventeen year old Romanian foreign exchange student moves in… and the adventure begins. We find out pretty quickly that Fane (the Romanian) is Prince of the Romanian Gray Wolves, a pack of werewolves, and has claimed Jacque as his mate. The cool part is the mind reading, and the fierce protectiveness of an alpha wolf for his Luna (nickname for his chosen mate). This whole thing is a little crazy for Jacque, Jen, and Sally to take in. But they find out there’s secrets about their past that they didn’t know…. Dun, dun, dun.

I think the part that drew me into this story is the camaraderie and interaction between the three girls. Jen and Sally support Jacque’s new relationship 110%, and that kind of heartfelt loyalty is rare and precious. But they do it in such a fun, one-liner way that I was laughing my way through the book. Even when their lives turn upside down and everything changes, Jacque, Jen, and Sally are an indivisible and unstoppable force that upends the whole Romanian pack.

See the rest of the Gray Wolves series here or check out the author’s website.


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