Review: Poisoned by Deceit by Anna Wolfe

Poisoned by Deceit is book four of The One Rises series  by Anna Wolfe following Callie, Silas, Mark, and Edie on their demon-ridden adventures.

Summoned by witches once again, the four ride to the west coast in search of a missing witch boy. But what they find is bigger than any one boy, or even any one demon. And it’s going to take them all to figure it out.

Of course, Callie is having problems with her power and Silas is having trouble figuring out how to teach her. Mark encourages the lessons, but who’s he to really say anything? And Silas just might be manipulating them all more than they thought.

The inter-personal dynamics of this book really move along the plot. We have real people with real problems and real flaws, and that sucks in the reader with hopes for a better tomorrow. I think the characters are my favorite part of the book because they really come to life and yell at you, just like they do in the book.

If you liked this one, you can check out the author’s website or the other books in the series:


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