Review: Pearseus by Nicholas C Rossis

So, today I have for you the first three Pearseus books by Nicholas C Rossis, who happens to be an awesome Rave Review Book Club member. I decided to do all these books together since that’s how I read them, as a bundle.

Book One: Schism

In the not so distant future, a space ship crash lands on a far away planet. It seems like an accident, or was it? However they got here, the survivors from Pearseus are left to set up a new civilization, if they can work together. And for a while, they do.

But the possession that seems to have brought them here is never so far away. And the whisper in the dark just adds to an already corrupt human nature… right? So when everything crashes, the civilization splits … and we have the schism that creates Pearseus.

Schism is a shorter book that opens up the world and sets the stage for the drama that is about to unfold on the new planet Pearseus.

Book Two: Rise of the Prince

Three hundred years have passed since that first split that created distinct empires on the new planet Pearseus, not to mention the native First. But the whispers in the dark never did go away.

There’s now three main Newcomer factions, plus the First. Not to mention the shadow war between the Orbs and the Whispers. We meet characters from each of these places as they struggle to keep the peace, stay alive, and win wars. Leadership changes, friendships are born, and battles won.

Rise of the Prince isn’t a story about a single character or hero, but the story of a world struggling to find peace. The dynamics and alliances are constantly changing, and through it all, we have to decide for ourselves who’s in the right and who’s not.

Book Three: Mad Water

Cyrus now rules in the Capitol, but the wars aren’t over. Less and less in the shadows, the history of the battle between the Orbs and the Whispers comes into dramatic light. Not to mention the Iota, another native species from time almost unremembered.

Some of our heroes are dead, and the next generation is left to take their place. But the battle isn’t so straightforward, and our new leaders must find their own balance in the world. Alliances and declarations of war aren’t so simple anymore, because first each person must determine for themselves exactly what it is they fight for.

The Books

If you like the sound of these, here are the amazon links to each book or set of books you can buy to follow the Pearseus adventure. Or, you can head over and check out Nicholas C Rossis’s website.


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