Review: Out of the Dark by Quinn Loftis

Out of the Dark by Quinn Loftis is book four of Prince of Wolves. Ready to kick butt with sexy Romanian werewolves and the spicy American girls who are their better halves? Book four brings the heat, and everything changes.

PS: spoilers if you haven’t read earlier books in the series!

Decebel was cursed with forgetting his mate. Jen’s alone in the dark, and Decebel doesn’t remember her enough to go for her. Jen’s rescuers are the last people anyone expected, and they may offer her the very hope of a life with Decebel after she’d all but given up. A witch shouldn’t exist, her evil should have been wiped out a long time ago, but here she is causing trouble. Miraculously, Vasile survived his assassination attempt, but it’s not the end of the scheme that tried to take his life.

Oh, and Sally’s a gypsy healer with her own mate-to-be… couldn’t leave her out. She’s got to come to terms with her own power and what it might mean for her in the future. None of the pack know what to do with a gypsy healer anymore, so she’s flying blind when it comes to learning her own powers.

Jacque, Fane, Sally, and Costin are hell bent on restoring Decebel’s memories and rescuing Jen. Help comes from an unlikely source, reintroducing another supernatural species that the girls thought was a myth. Welcome Peri the Fairy… and a whole lot of magic and politics that Jacque and Sally have to learn on the fly.

See the rest of the Gray Wolves series here or check out the author’s website.


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