Review: Out of Darkness by Cheree Alsop

Out of Darkness by Cheree Alsop is Galdoni book 3, and once again we’re switching main characters. Saro escaped when the walls came down, but he was captured by a ruthless thief who used his specialized skills while keeping him blind to his real freedom. Beaten more outside the Academy than inside, Saro is broken. Until he meets a female Galdoni, the one thing that shouldn’t exist.

Saro and Alana escape the clutches of the evil thief and flee to Kale’s safehouse. But the battle is far from over, for either of them. I love the growth we can see in Kale’s character from the last book, and we still get to play with Brie, Jayce, and Nikko. Oh, and Blade is back! But Saro is a unique character in and of himself. He’s just opening up to his full potential, and he’s as deadly as any Galdoni. But Saro has a soft side, and it begins to bloom now that he’s away from the cruelty he’s endured.

Author Cheree Alsop does a great job weaving new characters into the old world. Saro wrings emotion out of you while leaving you ready to punch in the face of evil, worldwide. There’s some awesome plot twists not given away in the synopsis, so I’ve been careful not to give away too much either. This isn’t the typical boy-meets-girl-boy-saves-the-world story that you first expect!

If you liked this one, check out the others in the series or visit the author’s website.


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