Review: Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano

Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano follows Nearly Boswell on her search for the murderer who’s haunting her. Leaving cryptic notes and numbers that only Nearly has connected, the murderer seems to be leading her on a scavenger hunt. When Nearly tries to report it to the police, they distrust her suppositions and task high school semi-reformed criminal and narc Reece Whelan to befriend her. Now, with only the guy she shouldn’t trust on her side, Nearly is in a race for the finish line in order to save her own life.

For me, Nearly Gone was a face paced thriller full of logic puzzles and mysteries almost but not quite solved. Like one giant rubix cube in book form, I tried to reposition all the pieces to find the finished product while Nearly did the same. Although I didn’t have an overprotective motorcycle riding side kick like Reece as my foundation, I did manage to keep up with Nearly’s almost scholarship worthy mental processes as she raced to save lives.
Growing up in a low-income housing district and competing for scholarships just to get herself out of the area, Nearly and her mother are just trying to power through. Nearly finds out some scary pieces about her absent father and the cons he ran before he abandoned her and her mother, Nearly may have to deal with some of that fall out.

The whole book is one giant suspense masterpiece. A true thriller in the sense of heart-pounding, must-read-more, stay-up-all-night, Nearly Gone brings a troubled, dramatic teenage girl with a crush on the bad boy to life in the middle of a life-threatening situation.

If you like this one, check out author Elle Cosimano’s website. Or, you can go check out the series on Amazon.

  • Nearly Gone (Amazon)
  • Nearly Found (Summer 2015)

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