Review: Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur

Moon Sworn is book nine of the Riley Jensen, Guardian series by Keri Arthur and follows Riley on her latest crime solving spree.

A demon costume clad killer is taking on kill for hire jobs related to revenge. Riley finds his outfit, but now she has to bring him down. Except Blake, her ex-alpha, has revenge plans of his own and soon Riley is stranded in the desert with no memory of who or what she is. Another killing takes place, and solving the crime with whatever latent knowledge she still posses may be the only way Riley gets her memories back.

This is by far my favorite of the Riley novels, because it brings in so much of what makes Riley who she is. Alone, Riley must use whatever methods she has to find her family, both in her memories and in real life, and that leaves her stripped of their support. She has to find the inner strength to take control of her own life and her own destiny, and she does.

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