Review: Mist by Cheree Alsop

Mist is the sequel to Shadows in the World of Shadows by Cheree Alsop following Rya, a Duskie handmaiden to Princess Nexa.

When an assassin tries to kill Nexa in her sleep, Rya throws a jug of water at him in an attempt to save the best friend she’s ever had. It turns out, this assassin didn’t really want to kill the princess, but he was forced by an evil Queen, the maker of the Sathen.

Setting out on a quest to stop the Queen of the Mist with a few Duskie, Luminos, and Nathos companions, the assassin must lead them back on what he considers a suicide mission. And it’s Rya’s job to keep him healthy enough to make it.

Of course, there’s more to Rya than meets the eye. And she just might be the key to victory on their perilous journey to the Queen. Even as she befriends the very man who tried to kill the princess, she realizes that there’s more to everyone than is first apparent. Rya won’t stop until she’s destroyed the threat to her home and friends.

Although she’s a magically powerful character, Rya doesn’t know her own strength. I think that’s what I like best about her. She’s lost in this new world of fighting, but she won’t give up on her friends. She’ll do whatever it takes, and that makes her admirable.

If you like the sound of this story, you can check out the first one. You can check out this and other books by Author Cheree Alsop via her website.


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