Review: Mirrored by Lynn Titus

Mirrored by Lynn Titus is the story of two special girls with intertwined futures. Rhode is a foster kid and a rebel. Danielle is an honor student applying for college scholarships.

Rhode is almost a victim of a school shooting, which brings out some fierce instincts in her. Danielle reads about the shooting, finding that weird things are starting to happen to her too.

I won’t give away the shebang at the end, but believe me that there is one! Mirrored may be ‘short’ for a novel, but it’s filled with all kinds of breathless moments and several out-of-nowhere what?! moments. Abe, Tristan, Millie, and Danielle’s parents all get pulled into this internal struggle in the lives of these two girls, who don’t know each other from Eve.

Yes, this is the author’s first novel, and no it’s not perfect. Actually, it’s awesomely put together, so no worries for all you grammar freaks. Yes, the writing could be tightened a little, but I don’t feel like it detracted from the story and its ability to grip me.

I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel, if that’s any recommendation :). You can find Mirrored on Amazon.


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