Review: Mind of the Beast by Brian Freyermuth

Mind of the Beast is book two of the Sundancer series by Brian and Juliet Freyermuth.

In this book, Nick St. James is in trouble again. Well, really, it’s just a favor for a friend. It just turned into a whole heaping mess of trouble! His vampire friend asks him to look into the mysterious death of a supposedly human friend…

Of course, things are never that simple, and soon Nick and Thelma are hip deep in revelations and danger. The character development goes way deep in this novel, and we really get to understand Nick and his past. As well as the Sundancer nickname, which I wondered about the whole first book.

I recommend this one. Go read it 🙂

If you like the sound of this one, check out the rest of the series on Amazon or the author’s website.


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