Review: Before Midnight & One Bite by Jennifer Blackstream

Before Midnight

Before Midnight is the first book in the Blood Prince series by Jennifer Blackstream.

A retelling of the classic Cinderella story into a paranormal romance, Prince Etienne is fighting a curse that could rob him of his lycanthrope heritage and the ability to inherit the crown. Loupe is a simple almost-slave girl bitten by a werewolf her poacher stepfamily killed for its wolfskin.

Although we follow the basic Cinderella story, the details may surprise you. Adopted wolf pups, a pixie fairy godmother, and a conniving tree conspire to make this the most interesting Cinderella retelling I’ve read. You can’t help but fall for the characters and gasp at their misfortunes and cry for their sorrows, even as you know it all works out in the end.

One Bite

One Bite is book two of the Blood Prince series by Jennifer Blackstream.

Kirill is a vampire prince on a quest for political alliances that could help him overthrow his undead father. Irina is an abused and almost killed girl left for dead near the home of some dwarves. If he can stomach her liberal political views, Irina may be the key to Kirill’s needed alliances. If he can save her life…

A Snow White paranormal romance, Kirill and Irina’s story goes beyond the quiet kiss of death of a pale beauty and into what it really means to sacrifice yourself for the one you love.

Rest of the Series

If you like these, there’s a whole series yet to come. You can check them out or visit the author’s website.


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