Review: Mercy by CC Marks

Mercy is a short story in the Mercy series, and I was really excited to read it. Until I started, and realized it was only three chapters taken directly out of the book Edge of Mercy. So, although it’s a great read, it’s the same material.

If you haven’t read Edge of Mercy, delve into this and get hooked on the series. If you’ve already read Edge of Mercy, maybe not so much. The story is about Charlie, and his fight for survival at the end of the world. He’s faced with the harsh reality of life as it is in the complex he and his baby sister have taken refuge in. There’s death and horror and fear, all swirling through his head.

four stars

But hey, it’s free on Amazon to try. Then check out the author’s website. Oh, and go get Edge of Mercy here, then check out Range of Mercy. I mean it, go read my review.


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