Review: Magic Steps by Tamora Pierce

Magic Steps is book one in the new series The Circle Opens, following the series The Circle of Magic, by Tamora Pierce.

Our favorite four mages have grown up a bit and scattered to different countries for their own adventures. Poor Sandry is left at home with her uncle the Duke. Of course, this may sound like the short end of the stick, but Sandry soon find out there’s a set of murderers loose in her city and they don’t intend to stop. Together with the law keepers of the city, Sandry must stop the killing.

Of course, finding a new mage with dance magic only complicates matters. Pasco is young and sure he doesn’t have the magic Sandry can see in him. She works him through his doubt and trains him in the ways of magic. And he could be an instrumental part of bringing down the bad guys, if she can just get him to focus.

Like the sound of this one? Check out the rest of the Circle Opens series here or on the author’s website. Or, if you haven’t read the prequel series, you can check out The Circle of Magic books.


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