Review: Leopard Moon by Jeanette Batista

Leopard Moon by Jeanette Batista is actually book one in the Moon series about shapeshifter romance of several varieties. This book follows Kess, a wereleopard, and Cormac, a werewolf.

Kess is on the run from her clan, or really her brother, who tried to abuse her. She’s been running for almost a year when she unknowingly lands in werewolf territory. When Cormac, the pack alpha’s son, finds her in leopard form, the attraction is undeniable. And Cormac must help protect the girl who now holds his heart.

I thought the author did a great job with pulling werewolf legends, creating a believable wereleopard, and even tying in a little history. The characters are believable, even if the romance was a little fast for me. Her writing style is good as well, and brings life to the story.

If you like it, you can find Leopard Moon on Amazon. Or, check out the author’s website. There’s a whole series that comes after this one, each focusing on a different romance but bringing in old characters. I haven’t read them all yet, so I can’t give advice. But check them out if you’re interested!


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