Review: Just Stay by Michelle Abbott

Just Stay is a sweeping New Adult romance story between Pia and Trey, a completely unlikely pairing started through shear stubbornness and a little bit of annoyance.

Pia’s just in this forgotten backwards town for her family vacation. Two weeks and she’s back to London and university. Trey’s the boy she couldn’t get rid of. The arrogant jerk bold enough to insinuate himself into her vacation and her life… and he just won’t leave. But he’s got a story too, and falling for Pia didn’t fit the plan.

And that’s when she leaves and life turns upside down. A thrilling tail of the heroic underdog and the girl who’s stolen his heart, Just Stay captures attention from beginning to end because you can’t help but cheer for the unlikely couple who’s love will have to bear the horrors of distance, mistrust, and a little outside deception.

Wanna read the book? You can findĀ Just Stay on Amazon. Or, you can visit author Michelle Abbott’s website. Be sure and check her out through the Rave Reviews Book Club. And if you’re still not convinced, I’m privileged enough to have a excerpt of Just Stay provided by the author herself for your reading pleasure.


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