Review: Just One Drop by Quinn Loftis

Just One Drop by Quinn Loftis is book three of Prince of Wolves. Jacque, Jen, and Sally are headed to Romania, where the rest of the series takes place.

PS: spoilers if you haven’t read earlier books in the series!

Finally mated, Jacque and Fane are learning to live together. Jen and Decebel still can’t admit they’re attracted to each other. Sally is just trying to survive this transition. Jen’s just had the bomb of her heritage dropped, she’s got wolf blood!

Oh, and it’s time for Mate Fest… the largest gathering of unmated wolves in centuries, and Jen has to attend. Thankfully, Sally and Jacque are going with her. But somehow, Jen’s got to keep a possessive Decebel under control because he can’t claim her without mating signs, and she doesn’t have any. Of course, the Gathering (the stuffy wolves’ name for Mate Fest) can’t just be easy. A behind-the-scenes plot to take over threatens the lives of a lot of the pack, and the girls have to stop it.

The awesome dynamite that is Jennifer Adams reigns supreme in this episode, and she’s taken center stage with her normal sexy, saucy wit and drive-you-nuts charm. Jacque may be mated, but that doesn’t decrease her loyalty to her two best friends. Fane merges himself into their circle, and the girls meet a few other female werewolves. The plot escalates in this thrilling third installment of the Gray Wolves.

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